Urzaa Charitable Trust is basically involve in all kinds of social events which are being organize , to help needy people as possible way and to make them happy.

Urzaa Charitable Trust (Reg. No. F/3182/Vadodara)
- A Power of Humans

Managed by 5 Horse Men Team 

5- This Number is Sign of Unity
  • H- Honesty
  • O- Opportunism
  • R- Reliability
  • S- Sincerity
  • E- Enthusiastic
Men- Human Being as a Whole

We get the most personal self-satisfaction from helping others. We have found that living a selfish, self-centered life is not very fulfilling. When we see the needs of others and reach out to help them with the God-given abilities that we have been given, that are when we are the happiest.

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